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Op-Ed Articles




·         An Economical Low Risk Path to Sustainable Maryland Electricity – Presents the case for rational planning. Based on a Baltimore Sun Op-Ed published December 14, 2016. Revision dated March 8, 2017

·         Is it safe to live near nuclear power? – Argues in favor of a epidemiological study cancer incidence near nuclear facilities to mitigate public fears, The Hill; Congress Blog, 3/2/16.

·         Wind energy is clean, but wind energy systems are not - Most of the energy in a wind system that is required to deliver energy on demand comes from fossil fuel. The Baltimore Sun Op-Ed, 2/10/12.

·         The problem with wind: It doesn’t get us close to zero carbon – Wind energy requires a polluting backup system thus fails to achieve low carbon goals, The Baltimore Sun Op-Ed 5/5/11

·         Obama should take a systems approach to clean energy – The Obama administration is developing clean energy as if it were a science project, not an engineering program with an ultimate purpose;  IEEE Spectrum: Tech Talk, Energy, Fossil fuels, 4/22/10

·        Creating Fact Based Energy Policy – Disciplined systems engineering helps make value decisions about clean energy; IEEE Spectrum: Tech Talk, energy, policy, 5/24/10



o   What every policymaker needs to know about wind power – A simple 5 page monograph for the layman, 2/2/13.